3 Keys to Successful Dating on Singles Sites

Let’s face it, no one receives solid, effective love relationship advice – whether it’s for successful dating or for long lasting marriage. So when you go online and try to meet the right kinds of people on singles sites it can feel like you are more lost than ever.

But you don’t need to!

Here are 3 Keys to Successful Dating on Singles Sites

1) Ignore the Dating Games – Tell the Truth
If you are tempted to lie – whether it’s about your age, weight, your relationship history, income or anything else – you’re voting for your belief that you’re not really eligible to look for love with someone really terrific. Instead, you’re lying reinforces that you’ll accept the attentions of someone who’s drawn in by your facade – and then you can only feel even more alone and frustrated. When meeting people online always tell the truth in your profile and in your responses to those people who contact you.

2) Know What Type of Love Partner You’re Looking For
When you create your profile, be specific about qualities you’re looking for in your love partner – beyond age and height and whether or not they need to live in your geographical area. If spirituality is important say so. If you don’t want to have children, say so. If you need to have someone who has never been married before, say so. Whether you’re meeting online or off, don’t waste your time and energy or anyone else’s when there’s no possible future between you.

3) Meeting Online and Then Meeting Safely Offline
After you’ve exchanged numerous emails with someone you find interesting, you’ll move on to several extensive phone calls. If you’re still interested, you’ll want to meet in person. And now you need to practice a few rules of successful dating, which are the rules of smart dating. You’ll want to meet in a neutral and public place, like a Starbuck’s. No fancy restaurants that can lead to overcharged fantasies. No meeting at either of your homes which could be dangerous. And you’ll want to make sure you both pay for your own travel and/or refreshments. That way you focus on meeting each other as separate and mature adults, rather than Prince Charming and Cinderella, in order to determine if you want to continue seeing each other and you don’t confuse the get-together with a romantic and/or sexual encounter.

When you follow these 3 keys to successful dating on singles sites, you’ll be smart, safe, and successful in keeping yourself grounded and going forward only if you have sincere and conscious reasons to.