Asian Dating – Top 3 Secrets!

1.  Be a team player. When Michelle was first interested in Barrack she asked her brothers what they though of him, and they said that he was a team player on the basketball court, this was a good indicator to her that he would also be a good team player in a relationship.  In most Asian societies they have a strong sense of family, and if they think that you will be a big contributor to the family team effort, they are going to really want to date you, and get into a romantic relationship, as you are a prize catch!  Show genuine interest in her family, and she will likely reciprocate with more interest in you. 

2.  Little gifts can bring large rewards. Asian Women love little gifts, and they reward those little gifts in big ways, like with there love, as they can see that you put something of value into their hands, which shows her that there is a commitment on your part towards them. As you read further down, this can also be a negative.  The secret is that you initiate the giving, and are not led by suggestion, or program design to giving gifts. Take time to learn what she really likes a lot and finding something that is special. Or, look for something that you really like about her, and buy a small gift in that area, like a special hair comb, a CD of music that she likes and doesn’t have, or maybe an mp3 player for her, with her favorites all ready loaded on to it. If you are in the dating mode buying her the latest and greatest cell phone is probably not a real good idea.

3.  Do your homework.  Many of the Asian dating sites are full of the Asian version of gold diggers, and you want to make sure that if you are going to get into a relationship that it is based on love, respect and common objectives for the future.  Many a western man has been lulled by the Asian Sirens song and dashed on the rocks of finical ruin. If you do your homework you can avoid the scammers that are laying in wait out there, and perhaps find the love of your life. There are hundreds of thousands of legitimate Asian women in the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, China, Cambodia and Indonesia that are good women, seeking a better life. I have noticed that the relationships that develop over a period of time are the ones that seem to be the good ones.  I also notice that the guys that date many Asian women find the good ones, as they start to develop a sense for the ones whose cow is sick, and mom is in the hospital, just a little bit too often.

Asian dating online is a great way to start to do the home work with several Asian dating sites. I would recommend staying away from the ones that send roses and candy, it seems cute and harmless, but sets up a Pavlov type response and tends to attract the wrong kind of women that you are probably best off avoiding.

The biggest secret is making sure you’re having fun, after all you only live once!