Be Prepared – Online Dating

Create a list of objectives for starting to date online. Be completely honest with every expectation. If you only want to meet new people as friends, then list it as only possible friendship. If you want to meet someone to have a relationship with, then narrow the topic to the exact types of relationship you are seeking. The relationship scene can range from dating, short term to long-term relationships, and to even marriage.

On the list, include any habits that are not appealing. Some people do not want to be with a smoker, a drinker, or a drug user. List anything like those examples and include them on the profile. Stick to the criteria when creating the profile and state you do not want anyone with those habits. If you do this though, you will limit the number of people who will contact you. As there is no Eden, you should be willing to be friends with some of the people who have bad habits or habits you don’t agree with!

Another preference has to do with children. Many people have children living at home with them or in their lives. Consider seriously how you feel about meeting someone with children and if you want to have that included in any kind of relationship. If you have children, the same needs to be stated of having children. Not everyone wants a relationship that includes children.

If you are seeking marriage, take into consideration if the person you are seeking wants to have children or extend their current family by any children you may have. This is a major stress factor and problem in many relationships. One party wants children and the other does not. Or the children from the different partners do not get along. Think seriously about how children will affect the relationship before you jump in with both feet!

Select a good photo of high quality to use on the profile. Realize the number of people who are looking at the photo so make sure it is a great one that will show your best side. If you do not have a good photo, an easy way to get one is to buy a disposal digital camera for about $ 10. Have someone take a few pictures for you. Have the pictures developed; the pictures will be put on a CD for easy accessibility to downloading on a computer. Select a good picture and use it on your profile.

There are relationships created in different locations. Think about the distances before becoming too serious. If the relationship progresses into marriage someone is going to have to relocate. Be prepared for having to move in the future if this is the case!

By preparing a list of things wanted and desired from online dating, you will be prepared for any situation that is presented in the future.