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These are the type of questions I may ask when thinking about whether to ask someone on a date
Please e-mail me with the things you want to know before asking for, or accepting a date,.
I’ll gladly share my growing list

What are some of your creative outlets?
When you’ve had a stressful day, how do you restore your energy and vitality?
What are some ways you volunteer in the community?
Have you ever gotten applause or public recognition for your volunteer efforts?
Have you ever been mentioned or featured in the print, web or broadcast media?

What organizations have you or do you belong?
When you have time to kill in front of the magazine display,at the store,what titles do you pick up to flip through?
Are there things about your knowledge, expertise or experiences that surprise or delight others?

Are or have you been a collector of anything?
If you were to write up your relationship past, with talents, skills, experience, references and goals for the future, like a job resume, how would it read?

What are some of the features and benefits that make you a great match for someone?
Who have you dated in this room and what do you think they will say about you?
What are some of your habits and priorities that have annoyed past mates?
How do you describe your immediate and extended family and your relationships with them?
What are some of your fond memories growing up?
Have you had life changing experiences that have shifted how you view and live your life.
How do you want to live the next phase of your life?
What are your car radio station preferences?
For what kinds of advice, knowledge or skills do friends seek you out?
What level of physical risk taker are you?
What kinds of things are on your “never do” list that many others seem to enjoy.

What are your TV and movie watching preferences and priorities?
Some people are loners who rarely take the initiative to visit or invite others to socialize while others do it regularly. Where are you along the spectrum?

Are you a brand shopper? How do you decide what to spend on various things you want or need?
What level of Jewish holiday celebration or Jewish community involvement is most comfortable to you? What do you do, believe or enjoy that makes you what ever type of Jew you describe yourself?
What indulgences or luxuries do you entitle yourself to, even if they don’t make sense financially?

How do you think your children, parents or good friends would describe you?
About how many good to great date or mate relationship references could you provide?
What is your attitude about tipping?
What are your food habits, preferences and food you avoid?
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