Date a Cougar

Some guys can’t stand the problems with young women anymore and just want to date a cougar. I can verify that dating a cougar is a fantastic thing for a number of different reasons. My girlfriend, who I call a cougar but she hates it, is 8 years older than me, but I love ever minute of it! She’s smart, independent, actually speaks up and tells me when something is on her mind, and is a woman that can take care of herself. Its no wonder us guys, especially young guys, want to date a cougar because of all the unnecessary drama that is associated with young girls. I had a few girls that were younger then me and I’ll tell you, they were nothing but problem after problem. Either they were extremely jealous, not jealous at all, or I was so jealous that they drove me crazy because the would flirt with every good looking guy they would see.

So, do you ever ask yourself what you need to do to date a cougar? Well, I’m here to tell you that if you play your cards right, you will find a much more mature woman that can take care of you better than any other girl (and I mean young girls of course). What you need to do is start hanging out where cougars hang out. Stay away from those grungy dive bars for one or two nights a month, and get out there and find an attractive older woman. Check out a few of the classier bars in your area, either online or in some other directory, and you’ll find that most cougars hang out at martini bars and upscale lounges. If your worried that it will be too expensive to hang out at places like this, don’t worry at all, because most older women have money to take care of themselves and don’t need you funding there entire night out like most younger girls.

Another way you can meet and date a cougar is to check out some sites online. There are literally hundreds of sites out there that have cougars itching to pick up some young bait, and you will be more than willing to accept. Most cougars are looking for young guys, but you have to be careful what kind of guy they are looking for. Some cougars are looking for guys that are in there mid twenties, fit and virile and others are looking for guys that are older, say mid 30’s, that they can settle down with. Cougars are a unique brand because they have such a wide variety of guys to choose from, they can pickier than there young counterparts.

If you cant stand dating younger women anymore and want to date a cougar, check out my free guide. Its packed with useful information on how to score a cougar with ease.