Dating After Divorce

After or during divorce it is a difficult time you may have lost your confidence, self-esteem.

Sometimes it is best to give yourself time before dating again to get head sorted.  You may jump from the frying pan into the fire.

On of the best ways is to get your self confidence back by exercising to increase your self-esteem, going on a diet, buy new clothes. Study body language to learn how people communicate with each other.

Join a dating website choose the best photograph of yourself, ask a friend. Write a good profile, do not give too much away about yourself.

Your Headline

The headline for your profile needs to be catchy enough to get someone’s attention in just a few words. You can easily do this by using keywords that best sum up your personality. If you’re funny it should show in your headline. There’s no need to include details about yourself such as your age since that information is listed along with your headline.

Your Description

Now let’s talk about the Description for your ad. This is your chance to say in your own words what you’re about. It’s not enough to answer a bunch of generic questions. So GO FOR IT. Let your personality show and don’t hold back. Keep in mind there are hundreds of profiles just like yours that say the same things. So say something to stand out from the crowd and make the reader curious to find out more about you. Talk about things that are interesting to you and stay away from clich? s. And please, please avoid making up things about yourself. You’re only wasting your time and someone else’s by being dishonest. I suggest writing enough to convey what you’re about but not revealing everything about yourself initially. A good rule of thumb is to keep your description within 200-300 words.

Get to know the person you are talking online to before you meet them and take your time. Even after meeting them take your time and get to know them.