Dating and Finding Love

Finding love is hard business, a rigorous action that many people loathe from the bottom of their heart, which in turn affects the dating scene in our lives. It is so hard to come across and even have love to the effect that you will easily see a person hating the world and declaring war on love. The main reason for this turn of events is the fact that before you have met that person who will be controlling the way you live in future. There will be countless rejections that make a person lose the tinge of love and withdraw him or she to the bottomless point of his/her own cocoon. Rejection is the trait that makes dating and falling in love too hard, and sometimes impossible.

No one can really change this except the person who wants love. Hiding in the deepest point of ones heart where the cocoon is thick is a mistake. There is no one who isn’t affected by rejection whether you are the richest or the poorest man or woman. Your face feels it and it’s how fat you rejuvenate yourself that makes you a victor and person who is in control of his faculties.

Imagine a case where you ask a girl to take her out, and she agrees. You have a good time together and you will know that she is really warming up to you. You are so sure of the points you have scored that you can feel each dating instance is a powerful reason that you should cement the union forever. So you approach, set her in the right mood and tell her that you want to make your relationship a serious one. She looks at you, says goodbye, and that she is going to think about it. It is the last thing that you hear from her. Rather than be strong and cast your nets back into the sea, you become dejected and angry to a point of losing your sanity. You immerse yourself in a cocoon of rejection.

You start fearing and meeting women and even asking them to have dating instances with you. The best thing that you must remember is that the person you might eventually marry would have rejected you more than five times. There are people who have not even dated because every time they try, they face the knife of rejection. Dating is overtly hard for those kinds of individuals who are not that good looking, or they have a specific defect within themselves that just makes them lose the tinge of being other people because of ridicule. Pimples are one of those factors.

People know these pimples are very ugly and make person seem like something they don’t want to touch. It is the worst thing to happen to someone.¬†You are always asking yourself what went wrong to the effect that you cannot have one person to look at you. Finding love and embarking on dating is the hardest thing to do.¬†Nevertheless you better try; otherwise, the world will be the last place you would want to live in.