Disabled Lifts

Disabled lifts of many types and sizes are manufactured worldwide to provide assistance for caregivers and for those with physical impairments that prefer to continue to look after themselves. These modern devices are known by numerous names such as handicap lifts, mobility lifts, or patient lifts. These pieces of medical equipment allow you to transform your freedom of movement providing a more satisfied life. I would like to provide some insight into examples of disabled lifts that are out there, so you will at least know where to start looking.

A stair chair lift or stair lift will allow for ease of movement between the different floors of your home. You have invested a lot of time and money into your home. Are you going to let decreased mobility force you out? Of course not! Why go through the cost and hassle of trying to sell your multi-level home and move into a single floor home when a reasonably priced stairlift will keep you in your comfortable surroundings?

For increased home comfort a power lift chair will make it easier to get up out of your favourite lift recliners without increased physical stress. It will help reduce stress on your knees, hips and back, however it will allow you to still enjoy your favourite TV show or movie from a very comfortable chair. I guarantee that it will become your favourite chair, as they are not just comfortable and easy to use, there are designs to match any home decor.

If you are acting as a caregiver professionally or for a loved one, patient lifting can be difficult on you and the person being cared for. That is where a patient lift whether it be a bath lift, ceiling lift (also known as an overhead lift), or a van wheelchair lift, can assist you in maintaining your own health, while providing support and dignity for the person being cared for.

There are so many disabled lifts available to service every possible need it would take many pages to explain them all. Click on my blog link below to get more information on the choices that you have.