Female Golf Wood Checklist

As a general rule, you can use woods to reach a distance up to 200 yards from the green. After the 200 yard mark: hit with an iron. And for female fairway wood, they are often longer and lighter, and have large hollow, high lofted heads of hard material.


You should notice:

The higher the number of the women’s wood, the higher the loft.
High loft causes a high ball flight.
A low numbered wood with – relatively – less loft causes more distance.
Length: normally the driver is 15 mm longer then a 3-wood and the 3-wood is somewhat longer then the 5-wood.


Fitting Checklist For All Wood Golf Sets

Favourite club – Remember the length and the lie of your favourite wood in case you want to purchase another lady club number. The lie may vary for each golf brand. The smaller you are: take Callaway X-24 HOT Irons at golfleading.com with a lower lie. You can increase your distance with a good lie. A good lie ensures that the part with which you can hit the ball well is as large as possible, as a result of which you will have less mishits.


Player profile – Create some kind of player profile, because know what you need. And talk about it with your golf pro and golfing friends.


Lie – Is the lie right for you?


Loft – Is the loft of the wood all right for you?


Grip – What’s the grip size? Do not take grips that are too thick if you have slender hands. And ask yourself what kind of material it has been made of.


Shaft – Does the shaft of all woods in the set have the right length for you? Does the shaft have the right flexibility for you? Lady golfers have to focus on this point. All wood golf sets for women have as a rule graphite shafts.


Here I would like recommend all the women golfers the Callaway x-22 lady irons, which  can  be a nice choice for you.


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