How to Flirt – 3 Ways to Trigger Amazing Chemistry With a Guy

Do you know how to flirt? Do you know what to do to trigger some attraction with a guy you just met? Do you know how to make him want to meet you on a second date? These three tips can teach you how to flirt in a way that will make him want you all to himself.

Flirting tip #1 – Your body language is just as important as what you say.

It’s easy enough to say things that a guy will find interesting, but it’s a different thing to use them in a way that makes him attracted to you. Let’s take the line: “I suppose I can make time to meet you for drinks next week.” Saying this line with a polite smile is civil, but when you tilt your head and narrow your eyes… it’s on!

Giving full smiles, pouting, exposing your neck, running your fingers through your hair… all of these are sexy, sultry ways of flirting with a new guy. Of course, take care not to go overboard — if you do too much, you might end up scaring him away. Keep it real and learn how to flirt at a pace you’re both comfortable with.

Flirting tip #2 – Tease him.

A lot of women don’t like the idea of teasing a guy they just met because they “might scare him away.” But if you do scare a guy away (or make him mad) with a little harmless teasing, then he’s probably not worth your time anyway. It’s simply a lot more fun to hang out with a guy who loves teasing — and can tease you back.

Flirting tip #3 – Learn to have a sense of humor.

Jokes are meant to be a little green, a little stupid, or a little mean. That’s what makes them funny. And having a sense of humor — that’s the good enough sense to laugh at jokes even when they’re a little offensive — is a great way to spark some chemistry with him right from the get-go.

Learning how to flirt can be your ticket to a more enjoyable dating game, and the enjoyable confidence you get from flirting will also help in other aspects of life. So flirt away!