LDS Gift Giving Guide

Passionate members of the LDS church not only live their religion through attending Sunday worship services, sacred temple worship, and family activity nights, but also through rings, neckties, and scripture cases. Many Mormons use these items to remind themselves of the covenants they have made with their Heavenly Father. These items can be purchased by individuals for personal use, but are more often given as gifts. There are many reasons one might give an LDS gifts, and there are just as many gifts as there are reasons.

One of the first steps in learning about the church and its teachings is Primary. Primary is for young children ages 4-12. Each year in Primary, a certain principle is taught. These principles are centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ and are taught at a simpler level in order to help the young children understand. Every year, the child advances with other children of their age and continue to learn more principles at a deeper level. LDS Primary gifts can be given to help child remember what they are learning or what they learned in the previous year.

One of the biggest steps for a child in the Mormon Church is to enter the waters of baptism, just as Jesus did. This step is taken once a child reaches eight years of age. This can be a time of celebration for the child, family, and friends. This is the perfect time to give a baptism gift. These gifts may include a small tie, a CTR ring, or a bracelet. These gifts will help a child remember their baptism and realize the significance and importance of their baptism day.

At the age of 12, children of the church graduate from Primary and enter the Young Men or Young Women’s program. Each program consists of three levels of progression: Deacon, Teacher, and Priest for the young men, and Beehive, Mia Maid and Laurel for the girls. Each level of progression is based on the person’s age and presents a great opportunity to give a necklace or some earrings, or a necktie or tie clip as a congratulatory gift.

In high school, young adults also attend in-depth scripture study classes either during a release time from school, or early in the morning before school. After attending these classes for four years and fulfilling certain requirements, a graduation ceremony is held and graduation certificates are given. At this time, gifts such as a nicer CTR ring or scripture case may be given. Seminary graduation is a time of accomplishment for the young man or woman receiving the honor, as well as their families.

From this point, LDS gifts may be given at mission farewells or homecomings, Personal Progress awards, marriages, baby blessings, birthdays, or any other significant event in the member’s life. No matter what time of their life, young or old, big or small, LDS gifts make for great reminders of the importance of the event and the standards members of LDS church hold.