Online Dating – The New Reality

Online dating has become a phenomenon. It would seem everyone is doing it, or knows someone who is. It is a great pressure free way to meet someone, and quietly close the door without hurt feelings if it doesn’t seem it will be the right fit.

Another plus is you get to know something about the person before you actually email or “talk” to them. Most of the sites have the likes and dislikes of the prospective mate, some, like eHarmony, have the haves and must haves.

For instance my daughter is on eHarmony: one of her “Must Haves” was for a sense of humor. She likes to laugh, another one was for him to have a job. Being practical in your profile is important. You are not going to change a person, so be upfront with things you are uncomfortable dealing with.

One of her “can’t stands,” is someone who is quick to anger: she had just come out of a relationship that was somewhat abusive this was definitely a precaution and important personality trait to her.

There are pros and cons to all type of dating, internet dating isn’t any different.

The first thing you do is read someone’s profile and decide if he or she meets your standards or if you should continue looking. Never consider lowering your standards

The right person is out there, you just have to be patient. 40 million people are actively using online websites for dating, that leaves quite a few possibilities for you to meet your Prince or Princess Charming don’t you think?

Since you are actually meeting a total stranger, after the talking and the emailing there is one more step you should take. Remember it is easy to be less then truthful online.

You have heard horror stories of someone sending a picture of a neighbor, so the perspective mate has quite a surprise when they finally meet. These instances are not common, but they happen. So doing a background check is not a bad ideal. It is one more precaution you can take to make sure your prospective suitor is all you want him or her to be.