Online Dating Tips – Do’s and Dont’s For a First Email When Dating Online

Online dating allows the user to get in touch and chat openly with people directly by email. This is a great way to start getting to know someone, but it’s even better if your individual charm and personality can shine through with the very first message you send.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to ensure your first email gives a good impression, here is some key advice on what you should and shouldn’t do.

DO: Concentrate on them

It may be tempting to talk about you, but a good tip is to try to shift the emphasis onto the recipient. A compliment will make them feel special, and if you reference something they have said in their dating site profile, it shows you are genuinely interested. They will be flattered that you have made the effort to read about them.

DON’T: give your life story. Less is more…

It is always going to be slightly nerve-wracking sending your first email to someone when dating online, but the key to getting that crucial message right is to keep it light.

One mistake many people make with a first email is to give too much information. Your dating profile is there for people to find out about you, so there’s no need to talk at length in an email about your job, interests and hobbies in an initial email. Try to keep it brief with energy, pace and humour – they don’t need to know your life story at this point.

DO: Keep it short and to the point – for example: ‘I surf, am hooked on The Wire and cheesecake is my favourite pudding – looks like we’re made for each other!’

DON’T: use slang or text speak – for example: ‘U look hot in ur profile pic – fancy meetin up 4 a drink?’

DO: Check before you post!

It’s important to check what you’ve written before you send it – this goes for anything you are writing when online dating. Recipients of emails riddled with mistakes will be less likely to respond. It seems sloppy and makes it look as though you haven’t taken care over your email to them.

Top 5 Tips for your first email:

1) Compliment the recipient: Everyone loves to be complimented, so make them feel special with a little flattery.

2) Refer to their profile page: Try to pick out something interesting in their picture or profile as a talking point. This works well if they list interests which are similar to yours.

3) Keep it brief: In the first email, you don’t need to give too much information, a life story in a first email makes the sender sound like a bit of a bore. Keep it short and punchy for maximum impact.

4) Inject humour: It may be a cliché to say you have a GSOH (good sense of humour) on your dating profile, but your first email is a great chance to let your SOH shine.

5) Check for mistakes: Errors in spelling and grammar, along with text speak, can give a bad first impression. Above all else – don’t misspell their name!