SMS Text Spy Application

  You can use a SMS text spy application to read text messages off smart phones. This is intended for phones that you own, and it has to be installed on the phone. You can feasibly use this to track what your kids, or spouse is up to with their phones; provided that you can get their phones to install the program. You can get this application off the internet and download it. So you should not run into problems getting it, but the rest is up to you.

You will need to check your SMS text spy application to see which types of phones and carriers it is compatible with. You are not going to want to order something that you cannot use on the type of phone you have. You will also want to double check a couple other things. Some of them use the Bluetooth on the phone. This is not going to be very effective, since they have to accept the link in order for it to work. You are also going to want to make sure that it actually records the messages and not just forwarding them. Forwarding them can result in a higher phone bill since you could end up getting charged twice for the same messages.

You can also find a SMS text spy application that could do a whole lot more than just record the text messages on the phone. Some of them also have features that will keep track of the emails, web sites visited, call logs, pictures and videos taken with the phone, and GPS locations throughout the day on the phone in question. How’s that for keeping track of what they are doing? They only thing that this program won’t do is record phone conversations. It will give you a call log though. This should include basic information like the phone number and how long the call lasted. It could also come in handy if you need proof for the phone company because they are charging you for minutes or calls that you didn’t make.

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