The Truth About Nail Polish

Can you believe that the use of nail polish dates back to the time of Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra? While these two historical women may not have actually physically met in the same era, these two women have some things in common. They are both Egyptian, and they both love to color their nails. Queen Nefertiti preferred to paint her nails ruby red, while Cleopatra preferred hers crimson. These facts only show that nail polish have long been used by women to beautify themselves.

In the early days though, different stains which range from red to reddish brown were painstakingly derived from henna. Moreover, they also took the color from their own blood. These colors and stains were used to color nails and fingertips. In those days, more than just adorning themselves, nail colors were used as a signification of a social order. Women with high ranks use bright red colors for their nails, while women of lower ranks were just allowed to use pale shades.

Although the Egyptians were among the first civilizations to use nail color, the Chinese and the Incas were also recorded to be coloring their nails as well. However, the Chinese experimented on other stains that can be used as nail color aside from henna, and they invented the first nail polish which offers a lustrous effect when applied on nails. On the other hand, the Incas are probably the first people to discover nail art, as they traditionally decorate their fingernails with pictures of eagles. Thus, nail art is not really something new, but is in fact, an old tradition which has been practiced by the earlier civilizations.

Today, henna and blood are no longer used as nail coloring. Through the passing of time, nail polish has revolutionized as well. Aside from the first nail polish shades of reddish brown, a lot of other colors are conveniently available in the market. In fact, a variety of nail polish with different hues and shades can be chosen for coloring finger nails and toe nails. Moreover, although nail polish was traditionally used by women, it has also now become popular with men too. Nowadays, men wearing nail polish is no longer taboo. In fact, some men are even more fetish about their nails than women. Thus, it is no longer surprising to see men walking down the streets with colored and painted nails.

Indeed, nail polish has taken its place in the society. A lot of beauty shops and salon offer nail polishing services of different kinds. Aside from the various products that they offer such as nail growers and nail strengtheners, a variety of nail arts are offered as well. Some beauty shops even focus on nail art alone. Nail art has become a fashion of its own. It is not just limited to the application of different shades of nail polish, but is in itself has become an expression of creativity.