Tips for First Date

What do I say, what I do, should I wear? For a man is fully convinced that we are your ideal woman must know how to take the first step successfully.

After many twists and turns, knowing glances and we expected that nearly destroyed the nerves, the proposal finally arrived. Who we love is totally broke the ice and decided to ask her out. Now what to do? How to behave? How to attract his attention without waking reactions that make you susceptible?

That and much more on these tips that will be of much help to your first appointment.

* The place and time

We choose to share the choice of both. Let him choose the place and the way we can verify your choice. We choose the time, preferably at night. Since it is the moment in which we are more relaxed physically, emotionally and aesthetically.

* Appearance

When we see ourselves that we go crazy man, stirring the entire wardrobe to find something perfect for ourselves splendid. However, something simple and classic is right for that occasion why? For appearance, the clothes you wear, talk about our personality; give a signal to other costumes. So go super produced, loaded with makeup, perfume or a hair exultant, only give the pattern of a pretentious woman. A basic classic colors, makeup and accessories to tone and hair would be a sensible proposal.

* The attitude

Like a good aesthetic appearance, attitude and behavior are essential keys when the first date. Switch off the phone to avoid interruptions. Do not look continuously at the clock. Try to keep a relaxed, friendly, good humor and understanding throughout the event.

* Boast about our experience with men and relationships

All men, although some deny it, have a macho tendency that makes them need to be sure that the woman who is on his side is vulnerable.  wedding packages

* Reveal the sexual experience

For the same reason as above, the innate sexism every man may distort some concepts. Making such comments would make us look like a slut in front of any man. Remember that they do not like women who know all about sex, but prefer those who can teach the best of it.

* Talk about a former or previous relationship too much

Speaking of our past histories is good. But only a little, relevant, fair and necessary as they know they are dealing. Insist on these issues can be terribly hard for a man.

* Manifest the “type of man we love”

While all women have a male stereotype created this idyllic representation of love and the prince turning into our heads, it is not the best for a man why? Because these qualities can make you feel that the man in question has no chance if not match your own personality.

* Saying just enough

It is known that women are by other charlatans. Especially on the first date, may frighten or annoy a man. That is, taking turns speaking, hopefully he speaks, and then we do ourselves in time and similar extension. Learn to listen more and inquire least there will be time for questions. But NEVER say that what we consider a friend or yours. That would only bring confusion and detract passion that first meeting. Exhibition management

* Appear interested but not desperate

Men hate women released. So on the first date to avoid comments left in evidence as we attract or interest the man in question. Do not speculate or inquire about future meetings, because it could run dead of fear.

* After the first date how is everything?

Being alone means not available. So after the first date, it is best to relax and expect him to seek us out. If you really are interested, they will not hesitate to do so.

* And finally the golden rule

The only way to counteract the innate sexism every man is into believing they are the ones who have control of the situation.

Now to implement it and good luck! Theme Parties