Tips to Think About For a Better Free Online Dating Profile

When you think about it, after your photo, your online dating profile is really your first words of greeting to a prospective mate. If you create a profile that is boring, so too will you be thought boring. If your profile is glib it follows that maybe you are also. Foul words are not allowed in most profiles so do not create images in words that convey an intent that you do not mean. In other words, create your profile with some facts, some humor and some meat. Do not just serve up words with no substance either.

A few suggestions to think about when writing your online dating profile:

You need to describe you and what you are looking for. Be succinct but specific enough so the reader will maintain an interest and feel like they want to get to know you.

A fanciful honesty will not destroy a face to face meeting like dishonesty will. If you look like most everyone else, describe your best features. If your eyes are robin’s egg blue, say so. If your body has not seen a gym in years, do not suggest you love to work out. Instead say you prefer gentle exercise like exercising using a hoola hoop. Hey, that is a workout that will attract someone’s attention.

Create excitement by showing you know yourself. If you are a slob, say it in some way that relates you understand your inner sloth so they do not expect a neat freak, or vice versa. If you are always late make that a point but do it creatively. A lot of people are turned off by people who are late. So say you never make appointments for an exact time and that you usually are running late. Let the interested party read between the lines. Try to keep it real.

Be positive about yourself. Negatives are a turn off. Also negatives might attract the wrong person, like a predator. If you are not positive about yourself, no one else will be either. They will dismiss you as inadequate. Be positive, think positive and always write about yourself in a positive light.